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770 PRV

Product Information

The 770 One-Way Pressure Relief valve is designed for high precision applications and is used in a variety of applications such as battery cases, radios and aircraft computers.

The 770RP model features special air slots to provide maximum airflow regardless of the internal configuration of the container.

The 770 may be clamped in a 9/16 inch (14.3mm) hole or screwed in a 9/16 inch (14.3mm) UN-2B threaded hole where the minimum wall thickness is 1/16 inch.

Features and Benefits

  • Provide precision relief over a wide range of differentials
  • Compact and lightweight: approx. weight 0.25 ounces (7 grams)
  • Individually calibrated and tested
  • Self-aligning poppet allows for repeatable cracking and reseating from -80°F. to 180°F. (-62°C. to 82°C.)
  • Available finishes:  black anodized

Specifications and Technical Information

  • Materials:
    • Body, stem and nut: aluminum
    • Retaining ring:  stainless steel
    • Spring: stainless steel
  • Pressure tolerance:
    • Cracking pressure ±15% nominal 
    • Reseat within 20% of nominal
  • Available spring pressures:
    • 0.1 to 3.0 psig
    • Other pressures available on request (minimum orders apply)

Information Downloads

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